20 core twisted pair shielded cable 10Px24AWG highly flexible PVC sheathed data transmission cable

20 core twisted pair shielded cable 10Px24AWG highly flexible PVC sheathed data transmission cable

Short Description:

10 pairs x 0.2 square
Number of cores
20 cores
Sheath material
Maximum outer diameter of wire
10.0 (mm)
Servo motor encoder cables, industrial data transmission cables are widely used in drag chain systems, handling equipment and robots to connect precise data and information for measurement and control.
Core material
Tinned copper wire
certified product
Custom processing
Material number

Product Detail

Product Tags

TRVVSP 6 pairs x0.2 square, TRVVSP 8 pairs x0.2 square, TRVVSP 10 pairs x0.2 square, TRVVSP 13 pairs x0.2 square, TRVVSP 15 pairs x0.2 square

Length of each roll

100 metres

2. Low MOQ and short delivery time

1. Minimum order of 1 meter: more than 400 models (stand-by inventory), which will be sent upon seeing the order;
2. Minimum order of 400 meters: more than 2000 kinds, quotation within 2 minutes, delivery within 3-6 days;
3. Key point: It only takes 1000 meters to print the customer’s LOGO (including changing the wire diameter, changing the color of the core wire, adding or subtracting the shielding layer), and delivery within 4-6 days;

2. Super complex robot cable: delivery within 15 days.

5 million times high flexible PVC sheathed cable, using special high flexible PVC as outer sheath, it is extremely resistant to oil and coolant, can be used in humid environments, but cannot be used outdoors, special construction and PVC synthetic material make the cable Has a long working life. It is mainly used for data and signal transmission in drag chain system. It adopts copper wire high-density braided shield to ensure accurate data transmission and protect cables from electromagnetic interference. It is widely used in machinery, instruments, industrial electronic equipment, computers, information transmission systems, and is suitable for any two-way communication occasions. The wire raw materials are from internationally renowned suppliers, and each towline cable has been rigorously tested by Chengjia Company and operated in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system, thus ensuring the quality and traceability of the cable.

No. Cable Construction Approximate Outer Diameter mm Sheath Minimum Bending Radius Shielding Temperature Range Color

1 10Px0.2mm2 10.0 Modified PVC 7.5xd 85% -20~80 degrees matte black

Core twisted pairs and small pitch prevent interference between cores and outside;

The outer sheath color is: black, other colors can be selected according to requirements.
1. Conductor stranding: multi-strand ultra-fine copper wire stranding conforms to VDE0295, Category 6, Column 4 standard
2. Insulation resistance: minimum 100 M Ohm x Km
3. Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
4. Bending radius: 7.5x cable diameter for drag chain system
5. Service life: more than 5 million towline cycles
6. Compliance with standards: UL, TUV, CE and EU RoHS requirements
7. Cable usage: It can be used in multi-joint robots, manipulators, CNC machine tools, non-standard automation equipment, servo encoders/motors, drag chain systems, laser equipment, electrical cabinets, industrial imaging and other fields.

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